vdac Disciples of War is a free to play MOBA designed around a war between 2 realms. It is currently under development still and only being tested on Windows, but will be avialable for Linux and Mac OS X upon release.


The war between the Namavor and the Dyrel within the Realm of Magic, known to its inhabitants as the Escyraia Realm, still rages to this day over a single boy named Kieran. The Namavor had thought themselves clever in concealing Kieran in Lucannene, the Realm of Science, perpetuating the lie of the death of the boy. Kieran, of whom an ancient prophecy foretold, was forced to flee for his life from his home in the Escyraia. Kieran, now a man, holds the key to powers beyond what prophecy could have foreseen. Combining the skills he’s acquired during his exile in the Lucannene Realm, along with his knowledge and natural talents from the Escyraia Realm, has proven both fantastic and deadly.

While his home Realm may have forgotten him, Kieran assuredly has not forgotten them. He especially has not forgotten the Dyrel. The Dyrel had called for his death when they learned he inherited combined powers of both Namavor and Arconan - a heresy punishable by death. Determined to bring the long war to an end and eager to take his revenge for a life of memories stolen from him, Kieran has fashioned a terrible and formidable new “creation”. This “creation” has taken on a life of its own and has ripped the fabric between the two realms, creating a rift between Escyraia and Lucannene. A rift Kieran and his creation have now used to slip back into Escyraia, wreaking havoc in their wake.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Linux, Mac OS X ( Under Development )