Some projects we work on

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Rubix Solver

Have fun scrambling the rubix, try to solve it, or even let it solve the Rubix for you. :)

Planet Editor

Create a whole planet and have control over everything, even down to how many moons and their appearance as well.

Solar System Editor

You started with a single planet in the Planet Editor, now take it a step further and expand your creation to a whole Solar System.

*We are available for work! - Feel free to contact us for a free quote or learn more about the services we provide.

About Virtual Dark Arts:

About is Virtual Dark Arts (VDA) is committed to providing people with efficient, affordable, quality programs and games. We specialize in game development and tools to aid in speeding up the development of game creation. read more


How others feel about us

"Virtual Dark Arts has been a major asset in assisting us with our game development needs. VDA has been very friendly and supportive, while customizing content and updating it to our needs."
Mike Tomaino - Platinum Arts Sandbox